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Waiting Room

What is the waiting room?

The waiting room is a way to connect with an advisor via Zoom for quick questions regarding the registration system. The goal is for the advisor and student to meet for 5 minutes or less to problem solve registration issues.

For questions about what courses to take, please call 512.245.1315 to schedule an appointment or, if appropriate, utilize one of our Online Advising forms.

Waiting Room Availability

The waiting room will be staffed during the times listed below. Please note the waiting room is for undergraduate students majoring within the College of Science and Engineering or students who need help registering for a science course.

When you click the appropriate link below, you will be asked to launch either the Zoom web app or Zoom desktop app. Sign in using your Texas State credentials. Then, you will be added to a "waiting room."

The advisor will invite the first student in the queue to the advising Zoom room to trouble shoot. Upon completion, the advisor will add the next student. Students will be seen in the order they joined the waiting room.