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Call us! Call 512.245.1315 to schedule an appointment

Work with our admin team to find an appointment or virtual drop-in time that works for you! If you are unable to schedule using e-SARS, please use this option.

Schedule online

Schedule a real-time, one-on-one advising appointment with a College of Science and Engineering advisor via e-SARS.

If our office is booked more than two weeks from today, you will not be able to schedule via e-SARS. Instead, call 512.245.1315.

Complicated schedule?

If a scheduled appointment is not convenient for you, explore our other online advising resources.

Who can schedule their advising appointment online via e-SARS?

Students who meet the following requirements can schedule their advising appointment online via e-SARS:

  • were enrolled at Texas State in Spring 2021
  • have 2.00 or higher Texas State GPA and
  • are a current College of Science and Engineering major

Examples of those who need to call 512.245.1315 for an appointment:

  • those who need New Student Orientation advising
  • student whose Texas State GPA is below 2.00
  • ROTC or AFROTC students who need long-term academic plans

If you are advised by the PACE Advising center, please call 512.245.7223 to schedule an appointment.

Drop-In Join our virtual drop-in events!

Ideal for those with uncertain schedules or those with quick questions, virtual drop-ins might be perfect for you!
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  • The College of Science and Engineering advisors are able to provide accurate, friendly, and consistent academic advising to our majors.

    Advisors work with students to explain degree requirements and university policies, answer questions regarding academic probation and suspension, and assist in choosing appropriate on-campus and off-campus coursework.

    Advisors are also able to refer students to appropriate campus resources and help create degree plans.

    Advisors love when you bring a list of questions to your appointment - we want to make sure your questions get answered. If the advisor is not the correct person to ask, they will refer you to the right office or person.

  • A "no-show" is a scheduled appointment that is missed without a cancellation notice. A cancellation notice after the scheduled appointment time has begun is a "no-show." Arriving more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment also counts as a "no-show." 

    If you need to cancel your appointment with an advisor, please call the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center before your scheduled appointment time at 512.245.1315. 

    If you have two no-shows in one academic year, you will be required to meet with the Associate Dean of Science and Engineering to determine if you are able to schedule further appointments with the advising center.  If the Associate Dean permits you to schedule further advising appointments, and you no-show again in the same academic year, you will not be permitted to schedule further appointments and your advising must take place via email for the remainder of that academic year.

    If you have advising holds on your account, no-showing your appointment could affect your ability to register in a timely fashion. 

    An academic year is the beginning of the Fall semester through the end of the Summer semester. The no-show count will reset at the beginning of each new academic year.