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What is a degree audit?

Degree audit frequently asked questions

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  • A degree audit lists all of the requirements for your degree, including (but not limited to):

    • Minimum number of hours required
    • Advanced hours required
    • Writing intensive hours required
    • Residency hours (taken at Texas State) required
    • Core requirements
    • Major requirements
    • Minor requirements

    The degree audit will note if a requirement has or has not been fufilled, or if it is in progress. This is a useful tool to track progress toward degree completion. An "official DAR" has been reviewed by an academic advisor and has been approved by the college dean or a dean’s representative.

  • Your Undergraduate Catalog recommends that after completing 45-60 semester hours, students should request a degree audit through the college academic advising center.

    Additionally, it is highly recommended that students see their academic advisors to review their degree audits within their last 30 hours prior to graduation. Students need to ensure that they have the appropriate grade point averages in all courses taken at Texas State and in the major and minor fields of study. If any of the grade point averages are below the minimums required for graduation, the degree audit can be used in deciding how to raise the averages in the remaining course work.

  • Fill out a Degree Audit Request online.

  • It can take up to two weeks to receive an official degree audit report, but typically takes five business days.

  • Yes. Typically, the degree audit will be saved as a PDF and emailed to your Texas State email address. If you would like a hard copy, let us know and you will need to stop by the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center to pick up your copy. We are located in Centennial Hall 202.

  • Yes and no.  You can look at your unofficial degree audit at any time online.  It is found on Self-Service Banner (see "How do I generate a degree audit report?" below).  However, the online version should never be used as an official document.

  • To review your degree audit:

    1. Go to your Catsweb Student Services page
    2. Navigate to Registration and Schedule Changes
    3. Log in to Self-Service Banner with your Texas State ID number (Axxxxxxxx)
    4. Click on the "Student" tab
    5. Select "Degree Audit"

    When the page loads, it will display your required coursework and how your completed courses and currently enrolled courses fit into the requirements.

    If you previously had substitutions or waivers entered, they may not show up in the "new" degree audit. To ensure that your degree audit is up to date, please schedule an appointment with an advisor.

    Degree audit not look right? Have questions about your degree audit? Please call 512.245.1315 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

  • If you are thinking of changing your major/minor and would like to see what courses are required, you can run a "what-if" degree audit report. This will also show you how the courses you have taken may fit into a new major/minor:
    1. Generate a degree audit
    2. On the left side of the page, select "What if"
    3. Choose a degree type (i.e., Bachelor of Science)
    4. Select the catalog year (if unsure, select most recent year)
    5. Choose major and minor (if applicable)
    6. Click "process what-if"

    A "what-if" audit will give you a general idea of the courses required for a degree and how your courses fit into that new degree. Before making any scheduling decisions, see an advisor in the college you want to major in.


  • All students should meet with an academic advisor to review all remaining requirements for graduation.  It is important that students within their last 30 hours meet with an academic advisor to ensure that they are still on track for graduation. 

    There are a few requirements that students tend to miss on their degree audit. If those requirements are not completed, graduation will be delayed.

  • Watch/listen to this how-do video.

If you have ANY questions about your degree audit please feel free to email your questions to, or schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.