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COSE Courses Counting Towards Degree

As a financial aid recipient, the federal government requires that your aid eligibility only be based on those courses that count toward the completion of your program of study. Some courses are flagged by Financial Aid as potentially not eligible for aid and need to be reviewed by your advising center. Courses that might be flagged are:

  • any course that shows up in the electives portion of your audit, including:
    • required electives
    • courses you are taking for writing intensive and/or advanced hours requirements
    • substitutions that have not been entered into your degree audit yet
    • required pre-professional courses
  • repeats of previously passed courses
  • courses for one of your dual degrees

Please complete this form after you have registered for a course that needs review. 


Personal information

Courses not counting for Financial Aid:

Use prefix and course number (i.e. MATH 2328). Do not use CRNs.

Semester the course is being taken: *
Reason for taking the course: *

Required prerequisite for a professional program

Please provide a screenshot of the requirements page for that program.

To show proof, you will need to do a "screenshot."

  1. Log on to the transfer institution's website
  2. Navigate to the page which displays the requirements
  3. Arrange your screen so that the institution (or web address) and specific requirement is listed. The screen capture will only capture what is currently visible on the screen.
  4. On PCs, use the "Snipping Tool" program and save the image. On Macs, press "Apple key + shift + 3" and release, then use your mouse to select which portion of the screen you would like to capture.
    On phones, screen shot directions vary.
  5. Upload saved document in the file field below.

Financial Aid Checklist Screenshot:

In order to understand what courses Financial Aid is questioning, it may help to upload a screenshot of your Financial Aid Checklist.

To determine which of your registered courses are not considered aid eligible (i.e., not counting toward your degree), view your Financial Aid Checklist on Texas State Self-Service.

image of the financial aid checklist, which notes which courses do and do not count towards financial aid