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Override request

Use this form if you believe you currently meet all prerequisites for a BIO, CHEM, CIM, CS, CSM, MATH, PHYS, or TECH course, but Catsweb is not letting you register.

This form is not for closed-class overrides or when prerequisites have not yet been taken. If you are taking a prerequisite off-campus, please read the "taking prerequisites off-campus" policy.

To request engineering overrides: EE, ENGR, IE, MFGE

Overrides for EE, ENGR, IE, and MFGE courses are handled through the Ingram School of Engineering's "Prerequisite Override Request Form."

Personal information

I understand this request is NOT for closed classes: *
Do you think you meet the prerequisites for this course? *
Read the "taking prerequisites off-campus" policy here:

Course information: BIO, CHEM, CIM, CS, CSM, MATH, PHYS, and TECH only

Semester: *

Justification of request

Please explain why you think you should be able to enroll in the above course.

Proof of grade

If you recently completed a course off-campus, and the course is a prerequisite for next semester course(s), you will need to show proof of grade. To show proof, you will need to do a "screen capture."

  1. Log on to the transfer institution's website
  2. Navigate to the page which displays your courses and grades
  3. Arrange your screen so that the institution, your name, course name, and grades are all in view. The screen capture will only capture what is currently visible on the screen.
  4. On PCs, use the "Snipping Tool" program and save the image. On Macs, press "Apple key + shift + 3" and release, then use your mouse to select which portion of the screen you would like to capture.
  5. Upload saved document in the file field below.

Error message received:

Please include a screen shot of the error message received using the instructions above. Arrange your screen so that the whole registration screen is visible, including the error message. The screen capture will only capture what is currently visible on the screen.