Campus resources

Bobcat Bond

The purpose of Bobcat Bond is to enhance the transition experience for second-year, continuing, and transfer students to achieve academic, professional, and personal success.

CARE Webinars

Care Webinars are focused on teaching students various strategies and skills for college success. Webinars are self-paced learning videos that can be watched from anywhere at any time. Complete the associated webinar activities to practice your new skills.

Success Coaching

Success Coaches empower students to become self-advocates for their education by developing skills, behaviors, and habits for academic and professional success.

Counseling Center Webinars

These webinars include "Coping Through Episodes of Panic" and "A Mindful Minute."

Minds Matter

A complete list of mental health resources on campus.

Veterans Affairs

Assists veterans and dependents by answering questions concerning veteran educational benefits, certifying enrollments for the Veterans Affairs, processing the Hazlewood benefit, and monitoring our students’ degree plans and academic progress as required.