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Academic probation/suspension


At the end of each fall and spring semester, your Texas State GPA will be calculated. Transfer work and developmental courses are never used to determine academic probation or suspension.

A student will be placed on academic probation at the end of the fall or spring semester in which the Texas State GPA is less than 2.00. A student will be removed from academic probation at the end of any long semester or summer term if the Texas State GPA is 2.00 or higher.

Students placed on academic probation are given two probationary semesters (fall or spring terms) to raise their Texas State GPA to 2.00.

For example, if a student is placed on academic probation because the Texas State GPA has fallen to 1.85, then at the end of the two following probationary semesters the Texas State GPA must be 2.00 or higher, or the student will be placed on first academic suspension.

All undergraduate science students who are on probation will be required to meet with an academic advisor in the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center. Please contact the Advising Center to schedule an appointment.


  • First suspension: cannot attend TX State classes for one long semester
  • Second suspension: cannot attend TX State classes for two calendar years
  • Third+ suspension: cannot attend TX State classes indefinitely

Suspension appeal

Students placed on suspension will receive an email approximately one week after grades post. An "Appeal Packet" will be attached to the email.

Students may appeal their suspension by scheduling an appointment with the College of Science and Engineering associate dean. Students are required to submit an appeal packet ahead of time, which may include:

  • clear statement of circumstances that contributed to the suspension (if necessary, provide supporting documentation)
  • present supporting documentation that the problems have been resolved
  • list possible course schedule for next two semesters
  • list support services your will use

Students who wish to appeal their suspension should contact the dean’s office at 512.245.2119. Follow instructions attached to appeal packet for dates and deadlines.

Spring semester suspension & summer coursework

Students who are placed on first academic suspension from Texas State at the end of the spring semester will be reinstated by the registrar on academic probation for the following fall semester if they:

(1) attend both summer terms at Texas State

(2) pass nine semester hours

(3) earn a 2.00 GPA on all work attempted in both terms
raise Texas State GPA to 2.00 or greater at the end of the second summer term