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It won't let me register!

The first step to registration problem solving is to read all of the error messages. Oftentimes, you can problem solve on your own by reading the error messages.

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  •  Check the "Rem" column - are there seats remaining in the course? If the number is 0 or a negative number, there are no more seats in the course at this time.

     Screen shot of seats remaining

    If you would like to request access to a closed course, you can try contacting the department and/or instructor. The department/instructor may or may not have a waiting list. 

    Screen shot of seats remaining in scheduling system

    Screen shot of scheduling system

  • You may have received a "prerequisite/test score error" for multiple reasons:

    • You do not meet the prerequisites for a course
    • The course requires a lecture and lab section and one is missing
    • Either the lecture or lab section has a time conflict with another course
    • The lab you selected does not go with the lecture you selected

    Prerequisites for a course may include:

    • completion of a certain course (either credit or a specific grade)
    • affiliation with a specific major, minor, or group
    • completion of a certain amount of hours (i.e., sophomore, junior, senior)
    • pursuance of a degree type (i.e., undergraduate, graduate)
    • addition of lab or study section
    • concurrent enrollment in another course
  •  The course you are trying to register for requires a lecture and a lab section:

    1. You need to select one lecture section and one lab section. Some lectures require corresponding labs.
    2. View the step-by-step instructional video on registering for your classes.
    3. Follow instructions.
    4.  If you still have issues registering for the course, please take a scress shot of the error message and email to Include your name and student ID number.
  • You must register for PHYS 1315 & 1115 (or PHYS 1325 & 1125) at the same time:

    1. Search for PHYSICS courses in the registration system

    2. Find a PHYS 1315 section that works with your schedule; check the box, and press "add to worksheet." Do NOT press register. Alternatively, you can write down the CRN number.

    3. Then, click on the CRN number for the lecture. Determine which labs go with your desired PHYS 1315 section (there is a note below the course title)

    4. Find a PHYS 1115 section from your list of options. Appropriate sections should work with your schedule. Check the box and press "add to worksheet." Do NOT press "register." Alternatively, you can write down the CRN number.

    5. You will be redirected to the worksheet. Your two CRN numbers should be in the boxes. Alternatively, you can type the (2) sets of CRN numbers into the worksheet.

    6. Press register/submit changes

    If you selected open lecture and labs that work with your schedule, you should be able to register. If the courses are full or interfere with other courses in your schedule, you will receive an error message.