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Are you planning to transfer to Texas State?

If you are planning to transfer to Texas State University from another public Texas institution, please review our Texas State transfer planning guides.

In order to make the best course registration decisions possible for transferring to Texas State University, please follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that Texas State offers the major you are interested in, or a similar major, by viewing our Undergraduate Catalog. The College of Science and Engineering section has specific information for our majors.
  2. Download the appropriate Transfer Planning Guide for your desired major at Texas State. Transfer Planning Guides outline the core curriculum requirements at Texas State, as well as other major-specific freshman- and sophomore-level courses that will transfer to Texas State.
    Note: Transfer Planning Guides utilize the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). If your institution uses a different numbering system, please consult with an advisor at your institution or use the "compare schools" function on the TCCNS website, to determine the appropriate course number for you to take.
  3. Work with your current community college or university advisor to choose courses that match with the Transfer Planning Guides.
    • Consult our flowcharts to determine which courses are most important to take for prerequisite and degree progression purposes.
    • If desired, download a degree plan from our undergraduate catalog and determine which courses you have already completed.
  4. Need more information?
    • Admissions questions: visit the Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Admissions page
    • Want to know more details about our courses? Visit our HB 2504 website, which contains the syllabi for our courses.
    • Want to meet with someone about your future degree? 
      Students who are interested in attending Texas State in the future are called "prospective students." Prospective students are to meet with faculty in their chosen major department. Call your chosen major department, tell them you are a "prospective student," and that you would like to meet with a faculty advisor.
      • Biology: 512.245.2178
      • Chemistry & Biochemistry: 512.245.2156
      • Computer Science: 512.245.3409
      • Engineering Technology: 512.245.2137
      • Ingram School of Engineering: 512.245.1826
      • Mathematics: 512.245.2551
      • Physics: 512.245.2131

The College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center meets with current and incoming orientation students only.

  • Want to know how your transfer courses will appear on your Texas State transcript? Input your courses into the Texas State University Transfer Course Equivalency System.
    Note: some courses may be designated as "ELNA" or "ELADV." That means there is no exact Texas State equivalent. If you choose to attend Texas State, you and your advisor will discuss these courses during your orientation advising session. You may need to submit syllabi and have the courses evaluated.