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Department Chairs & Staff

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Department of Biology

office:  Supple Science Building, 384

phone: 512-245-2178

​Dr. Dittmar Hahn, Chair

Department Staff

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

office:   Chemistry Building, 238

phone:  512-245-2156

Dr. William J. Brittain, Chair

Department Staff

Department of Computer Science

office:   Comal, 2nd floor

phone:  512-245-3409

Dr. Hongchi Shi, Chair

Department Staff

Department of Engineering Technology

office:   RF Mitte, 2240

phone:  512-245-2137

Dr. W. James Wilde, Chair

Department Staff

Ingram School of Engineering

office:   RF Mitte, 5202

phone:  512-245-1826

Dr. Jesus Jimenez, Director

Department Staff

Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization Program

office:  RF Mitte, 3205

phone: 512-245-6711

Dr. Jennifer Irvin, Director

Department Staff

Department of Physics

office:   RF Mitte, 3240

phone:  512-245-2131

Dr. Mark Holtz, Chair

Department Staff