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wbDr. William J. Brittain


Research Interests:

Photochromism in sensing and stimuli-responsive systems

Surface-immobilized polymers

Nanopartical modification

Controlled polymerization


gbDr. Gary Beall


Research Interests:

Synthesis, characterization, and surface modication of nanoparticles

2D materials

Nanocomposite synthesis and characterization

Directed self-assembly

tbDr. Tania Betancourt

Associate Professor, Co-Director

Research Interests:

Responsive biomaterials for targeted drug delivery, sensing, and cell interaction

Nanoparticle-based contrasts agents

DNA-enabled biomaterials

Self-assembled nanostructures based on amphiphilic copolymers


j irvinDr. Jennifer Irvin

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Inherently conducting polymers

Nanoparticle preparation, modification, and characterization

Monomer and polymer electrochemistry

Polymer templating for improved performance

LuxfordDr. Cynthia Luxford

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

Assessment and influence of testing feedback

Eye tracking (readability studies, problem solving, attention)

Visualization and representational competence

Students' understanding of chemical concepts


b martinDr. Benjamin Martin

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Solid state synthesis of metal sulfides and selenides

Edge modification of layered compounds

Exfoliation and self-assembly

rhodesDr. Christopher Rhodes

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

Two-dimensional materials and composites: synthesis, structure, and properties

Controlled orientation materials for improved charged transport

Multi-electron electrochemical charge storage

Vibrational spectroscopy of disordered systems

Batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen generation, energy matrials


weigumDr. Shannon Weigum

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases

Microfluidic sensor design and immunoassay development

Nanoparticle-based bioseparations and novel sample preparation techniques

WhittenDr. Steven Whitten

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Intrinsically disordered proteins

Protein cold denaturation

Protein self-assembly into nanofibril structures