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The Effect of Steric Crowding on Photosiomerization

1. Photoactive Colloids: Molecular Interface Sensors and Latent Nanosalt Fluids

figure 1

figure 2

2. Colloidal Templating of Inherently Conducting Polymers for Energy Storage

figure 3

3. Directed Self-Assembly of 2-Dimensional Nanosheets

figure 4

4. Polyimide Membranes with Enhanced Flexibility, Permeability, and Selectivity

figure 5

Thrust 2: Regulatory control of polymer self-assembly into functional nanomaterials.

1. Identify regulatory sites for ligand-control of polymer self-assembly

figure 6

2. Design ligand effectors that control polymer self-assembly
3. Determine the rule-set of interactions that promote and block polymer self-assembly; and
4. Design functional materials from fibril nanostructures

figure 7