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Other STEM Resources

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  • SI is a resource offered by Texas State's Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) and is available to any student registered in an SI-targeted course. Attendance is voluntary but is highly encouraged, as data collected has proven that students who attend regularly (at least one session a week) on average receive a final grade one half to a whole letter grade higher than their classmates who did not regularly attend.

    Visit the SLAC website for complete details.

    Questions concerning SLAC should be directed to:
    Dr. Carol W Dochen
    Director, SLAC
    Department: SLAC
    Address: ALK 411
    Phone: (512) 245-2515

  • Are you facing challenges in your classes? Student Support Services has a new program (SSS STEM) with a variety of services to help STEM majors reach their academic goals.

    You must be a U.S citizen or legal resident AND fulfill any one of the following criteria to be eligible for the program:

    • First generation college student (neither parent/guardian have a four-year degree/Bachelor's degree)
    • Low-income as defined by the U.S Department of Education
    • Have documented physical or learning disabilty

    See the SSS website for more information.

    Questions concerning SSS STEM should be addressed to:
    Cheryl A McWilliams
    Grant Director, Non-Faculty
    Department: Student Support Services
    Address: STY 127
    Phone: (512) 245-2275

  • The HSI STEM IMPACT program is administered by University College.

    The HSI STEM IMPACT Program enhances and strengthens the STEM success pipeline through high-impact practices and outreach. High-impact services are provided to new freshmen, transfer, and continuing students in STEM baccalaureate programs. 

    The HSI STEM IMPACT strengthens STEM success through professional development and research. Faculty can serve as mentors for undergraduate STEM research and prepare students for a STEM Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE). Faculty and staff can develop cultural fluency to increasingly diversify the STEM student experience. 

    See the HSI STEM IMPACT website for more information.

    Questions concerning HSI STEM IMPACT should be addressed to:
    Sylvia Gonzales
    Grant Director, Non-Faculty
    Department: University College
    Address: NUEC
    Phone: (512) 245-3080

  • Mentoring Matters is a component of the LBJ STEM Institute Rising Stars projects in the College of Education.

    This program reaches out to underrepresented students in STEM and helps them connect to graduate students and peer mentors in one of three projects: STEM Leadership, STEM Girls Integrating Research in Learning and Service (G.I.R.L.S), and STEM Creativity in Research.

    See the Mentoring Matters website for more information. 

    Questions concerning Mentoring Matters should be addressed to:
    Dr. Kristina Henry Collins
    Assistant Professor
    Department: Curriculum And Instruction
    Address: ED 3028
    Phone: (512) 245-1034