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College of Science and Engineering

Welcome to the College of Science and Engineering

Ingram Hall construction - time lapse

ESB Construction..check out the time-lapse!

Take a peek at the new Engineering & Science Building (Bruce and Gloria Ingram Hall) at Texas State University. It's moving along nicely!

The College of Science and Engineering prepares undergraduate and graduate students for careers in the natural and physical sciences, mathematics, computer science, engineering, and technology. The college is committed to nurturing the talents of young scientists by immersing students in a robust curriculum and applied learning experiences in laboratory research, field study, and cutting edge technology.

Comprised of 185 faculty in six departments, the Ingram School of Engineering, and the Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization Program, the College of Science and Engineering offers a broad spectrum of educational resources, cross-disciplinary training, and career preparedness for our majors.