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When do I need to apply?

You must apply for graduation in order to graduate. You must apply for graduation by the deadline date.

For fall (December) graduation, the graduation application deadline is:

  • Friday, October 7th, 2016
  • If the graduation deadline has passed and you believe all of your graduation requirements will be met by December 2016, please contact

For spring (May) graduation, the graduation application deadline is:

  • Friday, March 10th, 2017
  • If the graduation deadline has passed and you believe all of your graduation requirements will be met by May 2017, please contact

For summer (August) graduation, the graduation application deadline is:

  • Friday, June 30th, 2017
  • If the graduation deadline has passed and you believe all of your graduation requirements will be met by August 2017, please contact

To apply: Log in to Self-service Banner --> Student records --> Apply to graduate

How do I apply for graduation?

You must apply for graduation online through CatsWeb Student Services --> Student Records ---> Apply to Graduate. Apply by the graduation application deadline of the semester in which you plan to graduate. See "When do I need to apply?" for specific dates.

If you are not currently enrolled at Texas State during your last semester, contact the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center by emailing to make arrangements to complete the application for graduation.

Can I "walk" or "participate" if I'm not ready to graduate?

Texas State University’s commencement ceremonies, held each fall, spring and summer semester, are intended to recognize students who will complete all graduation requirements by the end of that semester.  In some cases, students ask to participate (“walk”) in commencement although they will not complete all graduation requirements in that semester.

Effective with the spring 2016 semester, students are eligible to participate in commencement if they will:

  1. Complete all degree requirements by/in the same semester they apply to graduate, or
  2. Complete all degree requirements within the next adjoining semester with no more than one academic requirement remaining.

Examples of one academic requirement include one course, an internship, or any other singular requirement as approved by college deans and/or advising centers.  For example, a student with two classes to take over the summer would not be eligible to participate in spring commencement.  As another example, a student with an internship to complete in the upcoming fall semester would not be eligible to participate in the previous spring commencement.

If you are eligible to participate in the ceremony, you must fill out a graduation application. You must fill out another graduation application in the semester you plan to truly graduate.

Application review and email response

Once you apply for graduation, the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Advising Center staff will review your application and notify you via your Texas State e-mail address of your graduation application status.  This may take a few weeks after you apply since we cannot review the applications until after the 12th class day for long semesters and the 4th class day during the first summer session.

The e-mail will state whether you are on track for graduation or if you are deficient in one or more requirements.  If you are deficient in a requirement, your application may be denied until you have resolved the issue.  If you do not resolve the issue, you will not be considered an approved candidate for graduation; therefore, your name will not be in the program and you will not receive your diploma.

Minimum requirements for graduation

Regardless of what your application response email states, you must meet the minimum requirements for graduation. You must meet:

  • Major requirements
  • Minor requirements (if applicable)
  • Core requirements
  • Minimum hours for degree (varies by catalog year and degree)
    • At least 25% of the minimum number of hours required for your degree must be completed at Texas State University
  • GPA requirements
    • TX State GPA: at least a 2.00
    • Overall GPA: for teacher certification only, varies by catalog year
    • Major GPA: at least a 2.25 (higher for teacher certification)
    • Minor GPA: at least a 2.00 (higher for teacher certification)
  • 9 writing intensive hours
  • 36-39 advanced hours (amount depends on catalog year)
    • At least 24 advanced hours at TX State, at least 12 in major
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • No incomplete grades ("I")
  • 24 of last 30 hours must be taken at TX State
  • Some degrees have more specific grade requirements (i.e., teacher certification and computer science), which can be found in the undergraduate catalog and discussed with your advisor

If you are graduating with a dual degree (i.e., BS and BA),  you must complete at least 30 additional hours in addition to what is required for the largest degree.

To check if you have met the aforementioned requirements, you are encouraged to make an appointment with an advisor.

Minimum GPA requirements

Unless otherwise indicated on the degree audit, you must meet minimum GPAs to meet graduation requirements:

Non-teacher certification degree:

  • Texas State GPA – 2.00
  • Major GPA – 2.25
  • Minor GPA – 2.00

Teacher certification degree:

  • See your advisor (varies by catalog year)

Graduate with honors

To be eligible for graduation with honors, a student must be working toward a bachelor’s degree and complete at least 54 credit hours at Texas State University - San Marcos.  Students earning a second bachelor’s degree are eligible for graduation with honors if they complete 54 or more hours at Texas State in pursuit of the second degree. 

Honors will be calculated using the following GPAs:

  • 3.40-3.59 cum laude
  • 3.6-3.79 magna cum laude
  • 3.80-4.00 summa cum laude.

For the graduation program, honors status is calculated using the previous semester's GPA. This is because grades are not posted until after graduation. All students graduating with honors wear the same color honor cord.

Hours completed through Texas State correspondence courses and extension courses are counted in the hours required to be eligible for honors and count in the Texas State GPA calculation.   Within the College of Science and Engineering, hours earned through Texas State credit-by-examination or other courses receiving “CR” (pass/fail) grades are counted in the hours completed to be eligible for honors, but do not count in the GPA calculation.  Remedial courses with a “CR” grade and graduate courses are not counted in either the hours required or the GPA calculation for honors.

What day is my graduation ceremony?

To determine the day and time of your graduation ceremony, please visit the official Texas State Commencement page.

The commencement page also contains helpful information, like parking instructions, what to wear, when you should arrive, and more.

How do I change my name for my diploma?

To change your name as it will appear on your diploma, the commencement program, and all other university documents, you must submit a Personal Information Update Request with the Registrar's Office.

Where do I order caps and gowns?

Please visit the University Bookstore to order your caps and gowns.

Tuition Rebate

Under Texas Education Code §54.0065, qualified students will receive up to a $1,000 tuition rebate upon graduation from Texas State. 

You must apply for the tuition rebate no sooner than the first day of the semester in which you graduate and no later than 60 days after graduation. If you do not graduate because you did not meet the graduation requirements, you will need to complete another form for the next semester in which you are eligible. To earn the rebate, it is particularly important to follow the advice and counsel of the academic advisors.

To determine if you might be eligible for the rebate program, please visit the Tuition Rebate Information page.